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Sherri Warner Hunter is now working with the suppliers whose products she has come to depend on to create her studio artwork.  Her studio, SWH Art Studio Inc., now has these tried and true products available for sale.  For additional tools and products, be sure to visit the Resource section of this web site.  Check this page regularly for product updates and sale specials! 

POLYADAM Concrete System©.

This is the concrete system that Hunter uses to build the sculptural forms that are the base for her mosaic public artworks.  The original system was developed by George E. Adamy.  Click here ( to read an article written by Mr. Adamy on the POLYADAM Concrete System.   


The original sculptor’s polymer formulated specifically for fine quality sculptures and crafts.  A non-toxic, high quality acrylic emulsion used to enhance cement and plaster.  It dries clear and has a prolonged shelf life. 


Used for reinforcement.  It is specifically treated to be alkali resistant (AR) and compatible with all cements, plasters and pulps.  It is flexible and impact resistant, and comes in several different sizes.   A grade of Medium/Light mesh is now available on self-adhesive rolls.  The Heavy Duty scrim/mesh is an excellent flexible and non-rusting alternative for metal hardware cloth.  Materials cut with shears, although we recommend wearing protective gloves when cutting the Heavy Duty so that small fiberglass fibers won’t cause skin irritation.             


 Hot Wire Foam Factory

HWFF kits offer everything you need to get stated carving polystyrene foam.  They come with the Pro Power Source, individual tools, an instructional DVD and carrying case. 

Individual tools and power sources are also available as well as the full line of HWFF Products. 

As you increase the scale of your work, the 2’ x 4’ expandable Bow Cutter comes with it’s own power source and wall brackets to provide flexibility for larger cuts.  SWH Art Studio Inc. has also designed a work table that you use to mount your Bow Cutter for more control forming larger shapes.  Construction directions with a materials list will be available for purchase soon!

Demand Products

Heavy duty tools for heavy duty carving.  The Original Hot Knife from Demand Products has the power source built into the trigger activated handle.  Blades can be changed for stock shapes or you can purchase an adapter to form your own.

We sell the knife with the 4.5” straight  blade.  All of the products form the Demand Products catalogue can be purchased through us.


Our goal is to offer a wide range of glazed ceramic tile and right now, we have over 100 colors!  All colors are available by the single tile or multiple boxes; what ever you need for your exterior tile project.   All tiles are a high fired stoneware clay base. 

Natural Hues Collection, Dal Tile, 59 colors, 8” x 8” x 5/16”.  This is the original tile used by Hunter for her exterior public artworks.  The palette is fantastic! 

Northern Lights, Ceramic Expressions, 34 colors, 8” x 8” x 5/16.   Colors and thickness are a perfect compliment to the Natural Hues Collection. 

Nova Aquitectura, Cinca Tile, 28 colors, 4” x 8” x ¼”.  This thinner height tile is perfect when you want glazed ceramic tile to contrast glass or smalti mosaic materials. 


These mineral base colorants can be used inegrally in your concrete projects or to customize the grout for your mosaic.  The colors can be combined to make your own unique shades, or if interested and for a special price quote, custom blends can be made to match any color in the Benjamin Moors paint sample book.  Dosages are based on the weight of the cement only (not combined with aggregate).  Dosages in excess of the recommend amount will result in a weaker finished material.


Ultra Blue, Red Oxide (Yellow Shade), Red Oxide (Blue Shade), Black Oxide, Curry Yellow, Yellow Oxide: 0.1 – 10.00 % by weight of cement content.  Add pigment to moist sand and aggregate (if using) and blend thoroughly before adding cement.* 

Titanium White:  0.1 – 10.00 % by weight of cement content.  Add pigment to sand and aggregate (if using) and blend thoroughly before adding cement.  Titanium White added to white Portland cement will result in a whiter product.* 

Carbon Black:  0.1 – 4.0 % by weight of cement content.  Add pigment to moist sand and aggregate (if using) and blend thoroughly before adding cement.* 

Super Green, Super Violet: 0.1 – 4.5  % by weight of cement content.  Add pigment to moist sand and aggregate (if using) and blend thoroughly before adding cement.  Super Green and Super Violet provide vibrant colors rarely seen in cementious materials!  Small amounts (and no more than 4.5%) create amazing colors.  Super Green is often used with other colorants for a variety of bright green shades.* 

[* The above mixing recommendations have been provided by the manufacturer.  Hunter typically blends the integral colorant with the dry cement and sand before adding liquid to her mixes.  The difference in mixing procedure could be that Hunter is mixing smaller batches of concrete.] 

9 Color Kit (BCK9)*, Ultra Blue, Chrome Green, Titanium White, Red Oxide (Yello Shade), Red oxide (Blue Shade), Black Oxide, Carbon Black, Yellow Oxide, Curry Yellow.  [*Limit Quantity] 

12 color Kit (BCK12), All the above colors plus Walnut, Super Green, and Super Violet. 

Many of the color are available individually in 1lb. quantities.  Additional sizes available by special order. 

Super Metalz are a specialty effects colorant that can be used in a variety of ways to produce spectacular results.  Colors available in 4 oz quantities:  Super gold, Super, Silver, Super Bronze, Super Copper.   

UV stable, they can be incorporated into concrete or grout systems in a variety of methods. 

1.  Super  Metalz can be used integrally at loadings up to 10%. 

2.  Super Metalz can be used in a slurry for void filling and vein filling. As these are not structural features, high loadings of up to 30% can be used. 

3.  Super Metalz can be blended into sealers for multi coat and pearl effects. 

4.  Super Metalz mixed with a bonding polymer at a ratio of 1:1 to create a paste.  When paste is applied to pin holes or veins, and cured, it produces spectacular surface effects.  


Water Stones:  These diamond impregnated knife sharpening blocks are perfect for smoothing rough or chipped edges of tiles and glass.  The 2” x 6” is recommended for prepping tile while the small stone on the purple handle is great to touching up the rough edges that slipped by and are already on your piece. 

Foam Lok Adhesive:  Provides quick and secure bond when sparyed on flat surfaces of polystyrene foam 

Ornamental Trowel Set (5):  Ideal for sculpting details in concrete or applying adhesive to your mosaic materials.  The five different sizes let you choose the best trowel for the job.

Tiger Claw Tool:  An amazing addition to your polystyrene carving tools.  It’s 4” x 14” surface will aggressively sand away foam surface while the serrated edge will slice through foam. 

Apron:  “Make Your Dreams Concrete!” embroidered on studio apron will help remind you why you do what you do!  Apron and embroidery color combinations vary.  Tell us your favorite 2 colors and we’ll see how close we can match them

or just let us pick one for you.

Books:  Hunter has authored two books.  “Creative Concrete Ornaments for the Garden”, 2005 (hardback0, Lark Books, a division of Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.; New York, NY.  ISBN 1-57990-585 

Her first book, was reissued with a different cover and title and is available as “Making Concrete Garden Ornaments”, 2002 (paperback), Lark Books, a division of Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.; New York, NY.  ISBN 1-57990-5 

“Creating with Concrete:  Yard Art, Sculpture & Garden Projects”  is the same as “Making Concrete Garden Ornaments”. 

This book has also been translated into Chinese. 


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