An Introduction to Sculpting
Ferrocement Faux Bois

by Donald R. Tucker


Course Overview


Ferrocement; any cement-based media, such as concrete or mortar, which is internally reinforced with ferrous metal such as iron or steel, and

Faux Bois;( Pronounced Foe-'Bwah); French for "False Wood"  


Ferrocement Faux Bois is the very nearly lost art form that employs steel and cement-based media to sculpt three dimensional representations of wood and wooden objects.  The purpose of this five day course is to provide the basic skills, techniques and information necessary for a craftsperson to create works of their own that are both decorative and functional.


Course Outline:

Given the volume of information and the limited time available, we will strive
to adhere to the schedule below as much as possible.  Feel free to ask questions
at any time, but if the requested information will be covered in depth
during a session to follow, I may postpone any such detailed response in an
effort to keep the class moving forward.  I have also programmed in a substantial
amount of time on the final day specifically for reviewing the entire process
and addressing any questions you may have.


Day One, AM

  1. History of the art & media employed
  2. Known artisans and works for further study
  3. Overview of Media & Materials
4.  Overview of Processes


Day One, PM

5.  Design & Engineering: Sketch Project, Prep Materials

6.  Begin constructing an Armature or Framework


Day Two, AM

7.  Creating Form with Stucco Lath & “Wire Work”


Day Two, PM

7.  Creating Form with Stucco Lath & “Wire Work”  (Cont’d)

8.  Metal Treatments/Corrosion Inhibitors


Day Three, AM

9.  Understanding Cement-Based Media Formulations

10.  Employing Admixtures

11.  Mixing Techniques


Day Three, PM

12.  Mixing & Applying Base Materials

13.  Sculpting and Forming Basic Shapes

14.  Refining shape & Form


Day Four, AM

15.  Mixing & Applying Finish Coats

16.  Finish Coat Sculpting Techniques


Day Four, PM

17.  Texture & Details

18.  Curing


Day Five, AM

19.  Finishing Options & Techniques

20.  Coloring Techniques

21.  Sealing Options


Day Five PM

22.  Full Process Review with Q&A Session